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PT-50S Sugarcane juice Extraction

Name : PT-50S Sugarcane juice Extraction Price : 0 VNĐ Quantity : 0 Manufacture : TAN PHAT Model PT-50S


NEW, MODERN, CONVENIENT, reasonable price is the criterion which Tan Phat towards in all products.
PT-50S Sugarcane juicer Extraction crushing machine is one of the products improved the most recent time at Tan Phat.


♥ Structure PT-50S Sugarcane juicer machine Extraction crushing plant

  •  PT 50S Machine design including sugarcane crusher machine + trunk
  •  Size: 50cm × 65cm × 110cm
  •  Roller diameter: 70mm × 90mm
  •  Weight: 72 kgs
  •  3 Axis special presses 100% INOX
  •  Design help reverse switch to easily Cane

♥ Advantages of the crushing machine PT-50S sugarcane juicer machine Extraction is based on the assembly structure:

  •  Competitive PRICE
  •  Ultra Clean Pressed cane, sugar cane juice out 99% / 1 compressions
  •  The process of creating a self-contained operation for users Safety, hygiene (bagasse fall into the tank after molding).
  •  Speed FAST machine operation.
  •  Capacity active, Honey.
  •  4 wheels under presses help move smoothly and conveniently.
  •  Material INOX and assembly of crushing machine for easy cleaning removable.
  •  Machine with beautiful design, comfortable.

The PT-50S Sugarcane juice Extraction is an ideal compact rolling sugarcane machine extractor. Comes standard with a powerful 500W motor and can be upgraded to wider roller for more capacity. 


 It has a built in dust bin and is ideal for use indoors like malls where location must remain tidy. 

 See through glass window is easy to remove thus quick access to the roller bin for frequent cleaning.

 Customers are attracted to see the juicing in action with the see through glass window. 


♥ Offer to purchase sugarcane crusher at Tan Phat:

  •  You will be delivery
  •  In particular, you will get razor cane when purchasing products at Tan Phat(*)
  •  Be free decorative cane presses so eye-catching, attractive.

(*) Promotion: when you buy crushing plant in Tan Phat will get "2 sugar cane peeling knife"


Images of   2 sugar cane peeling knife


Please do your homework before you invest in a Cane Juice Extractor and remember....."The bitter taste of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of a low price is forgotten"

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